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A common question from new parents is: How do I know if my baby is getting enough to eat? UnityPoint Health – Finley Hospital experts say the baby should be having a wet diaper with almost every feeding and 4-6 poopy diapers per day. For the 1st week, they should have as many wets/poops per day as many days old that they are. Other indicators are that they are sleeping well, content in between feedings, and the inside of their mouth is moist.

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Get the recommended vaccinations for adults, and also vaccinate your children! Several staff said it at the same time, as we had a child bring influenza home to a pregnant mom.

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The "post-holiday letdown" is a common phenomenon that leaves adults and kiddos alike feeling blue after the hustle and bustle of the holiday season has passed. These can be confusing emotions, especially for little ones and can be attributed to a long month of anticipation, disrupted routines, and the typical holiday chaos that accompanies the excitement that comes with shopping, baking, visiting family and friends, and other holiday traditions. You can help your little ones navigate these confusing feelings by getting into a healthy routine in the new year with consistent eating and sleeping schedules, planning fun events to look forward to (Valentine's Day, St. Patrick's Day, Easter, and Spring Break are right around the corner!), and keeping the spirit of Christmas alive by volunteering somewhere, getting your kids involved in choosing a few outgrown clothing items or toys to donate to a family in need, and spending relaxing down time together as a family! Most importantly, talk to your little ones about their feelings, remind them it's okay to feel sad that the holidays are over and talk about what makes the holidays so special for them. Do they love seeing all of their cousins? Help them call to set up a play date with those cousins! Did they have fun baking Christmas cookies? Make baking special treats a monthly tradition instead of just once a year!